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American Hail Solutions is a trusted Paintless Dent Repairs provider with over 20 years of experience. We recognize and understand the demands a hail storm can have on a body shop or collision center. It can be overwhelming for the most seasoned and veteran shop owners and staff. At AHS, we have the capabilities to help your shop overcome the difficulties of a massive influx of hail damaged vehicles, allowing your business to focus on the normal workflow.

Our goal is to build great lasting relationships with our clients through excellent solutions and friendly customer service. We are compliant with body shop and insurance standards and look forward to an opportunity to showcase our expertise to you.

Standard Package

Tech Staffing

AHS can staff your shop with highly skilled Technicians that will work with Service writers and other staff to ensure all PDR repairs are completed to shop standards.

AHS Technicians have years of experience with hail damage and are:

  • Professional in attitude and presentation
  • Reliable with great work ethic
  • ARC certified
  • Highly skilled in PDR
  • Insurance compliant/no drilling
  • Efficient
  • Conventional ready/push to paint

gold Package

On-site Management

In addition to Tech Staffing, AHS can provide managerial staff to work side by side with the Techs. With multiple PDR Techs involved, this service adds efficiencies to the entire process.

AHS Managers streamline communication and add value through:

  • Estimation assistance. AHS managers can write estimates in both PDR and Conventional formats.

  • Progress reports. AHS Managers will keep your staff updated on the progress of each vehicle under repair.

  • Billing. AHS Managers will keep records of vehicles repaired and provide weekly invoices.

  • Cultivating great relationship. AHS staff will ensure smooth operations and offer expert assistance every step of the way.

platinum Package

Complete Management

Our most complete package that takes the entire burden of the storm off your shop and staff. AHS is capable of handling initial triage, all claims, supplements, and repairs.

In a catastrophic storm’s aftermath with thousands of damaged vehicles, this package offers the best value:

  • It allows you to stay profitable. AHS will take care of repairs in an efficient time frame, resulting in greater profits for your shop.

  • It ensures your workflow is uninterrupted. It is business as usual for you while AHS takes care of the hail damage.

  • It keeps you compliant. AHS is compliant to any requirements for direct repair facilities and/or shop standards.

  • It offers flexibility. AHS can either completely staff your shop or transport vehicles to another location. Returned vehicles will be delivery or paint ready.

  • It adds great customer service. We are committed to serving your customers long after the storm is gone.

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